The Age of Unification


Earth’s evolution is driven by the people of Earth

This shift up of the Earth is being carried out by working with each other, both from within and outside of the Earth.

In the stage of learning to love, the Earth is stepping up from an elementary level planet to a middle school level planet, and with a spiritual awakening, we are trying to make it a more wonderful planet.

However, the stepping up of the Earth should be done by those of us who live on Earth, and that is the rule.

Our friends in the universe are our supporters, and we cannot leave it up to them.

The growth of the Earth should be driven by us, the people of the Earth.

Everything that was previously divided is being united

Based on the divine truths and teachings of God that have been preached on the Earth up to now, the perspective of the friends of the universe will be expanded when they enter into it.

We are now living in the age of unification.

It is an era in which everything that has been divided up until now will be united.

The teachings of the so-called messiahs of different religions will be unified under one God.

The dualism of good and evil will be integrated into a unity of light.

Nations will be integrated as one global nation.

We will realize that all the pieces that previously appeared disparate are necessary and connected as one.

Opening Up to Space

It is in that realization that spiritual progress and growth will come to the people of the Earth.

This is the stepping up of the Earth, the unification of the people of the Earth as one, and in a sense, it is like opening up the nation to the universe.

The Black Ships came in the Edo era and opened our eyes from within Japan to the rest of the world.
This time, the world view spreads from one planet, Earth, to the universe. And we will interact with other stars.

Through such an era of unification, the Space Age was opened to us.