The Road To God

God is the Energy of Love

The Road To God

When you hear the word “God”, what do you think of?

An old man with a white beard and a stick on a cloud.

A god enshrined in a shrine near your house.

An honorable being revered in a religion.

You may have various images of God.

But the real God is not a being that looks like a human being.

He is invisible to the human eye.

Even if we want to see God, we can’t see Him with our eyes.

Just as energy is invisible to our eyes, we cannot see God.

God is not something we see with our eyes, but something we feel with our hearts.

Even though we can’t see it with our eyes, we can sense it with our clean, round hearts.

God is the energy of love that fills this great Universe.

Everyone can meet that energy of love and encounter God by going deep into the heart, not outside of us, but inside.