The True Purpose Of Spiritual Growth

Eternal Soul

What Does It Mean To Grow A Soul?

Why are we born into this world? It is to develop our soul. We dwell in the body and have various experiences in this world in order to become a person who can express more love.

So, what happens when we grow our soul? What is its purpose? I believe that the purpose of soul growth is to be able to love and make more people happy.

To Love And Make More People Happy

For example, in elementary school, the upper grade students take care of and teach the lower grade students. Even if the older children have already experienced something, there are many things that are new to them or that they do not understand. With the support of the older students, the younger students will be able to do things that they could not do before. This is where the joy comes in, and for the seniors, they can also feel the joy of being useful to someone else.

In the same way, there are still stages in the growth of the soul. Some people are moving ahead, others are walking behind, and not everyone is the same. The older person walking ahead can help the younger person walking behind, and if they are in trouble, they can ask for advice, so that they can be guided to walk their original path as a child of God.

No matter what kind of soul we are, we all have our own challenges. The more we grow, the deeper our love becomes, and the larger the world we hold, the larger the vessel of our soul becomes. The more the soul grows, the more we can help more people, and the more we can lead more people to goodness.

Developing Another Soul Evolution Possibility On Another Planet

We are going through a process of growth and evolution as souls in eternal time, which is also a way to return to the God of the Universe. It is not just in the Earth. When we finish our soul study on Earth, we will move to another planet, where we will be reborn in a new environment and develop another potential for evolution.

Each planet and galaxy in the Universe has its own role and function in the Universe. It is said that the Universe itself is the body of God. In the heart of the Universe, we learn how to transmit love in a new way; in the head, we learn how to be intellectual; in the eyes, we learn how to be visual and beautiful; and in this way, we walk the path of new evolutionary possibilities and development as a soul.

In this sense, there is no limit to the growth of the soul. The soul is an infinite evolutionary process. We are the ones who have been given everlasting life in order to find our own individuality and return to the source, God, through various experiences on each planet.