What kind of a guardian spirit is this?

Eternal Soul

What kind of a guardian spirit is this?

There is always someone watching over you at all times, no matter what.

It is a being called a “guardian spirit”.

They cry with you when you’re crying, smile with you when you’re happy, and inspire you when you’re lost. They are your best understanders and supporters.

But that person is not visible to you.

Therefore, most people leave this world without even realizing their existence.

Even if you don’t realize it for the rest of your life, your guardian spirit is still with you, protecting you and guiding you.

A guardian spirit is a part of one’s soul that remains in the spiritual world

We originally lived in eternal time as souls in the spiritual world, where we do not have a physical body. This is who we are, and this world is like a place to travel.

When you are born into this world, a part of your soul dwells in your body. However, not all of that soul can dwell in the body. It is said that most people have about a tenth of the energy in their bodies, but most of the energy remains in the spiritual world.

Some of the remaining souls in the other world have come down to the ground and are watching over you and guiding you day and night. That’s what a guardian spirit is.

There is one guardian spirit for each of us

A guardian spirit is a part of yourself, the one who knows your personality and characteristics best, and is sometimes referred to as your “soul brother”.

They are always there to cheer you on and inspire you so that you can move forward on the right path.

There is always one guardian spirit attached to each person.

Even though you can’t see them, they are always there to support you, so if you have a problem, you can close your eyes and ask for help.

Even if you can’t speak, there are times when, in the form of inspiration, a thought or a word suddenly pops into your head. That’s where the help of the guardian spirit comes in.

No matter how lonely it may seem, there is a guardian spirit at your side sending you ale

We all live with our guardian spirits.

You can’t see it because the world you live in is different, but no matter how lonely you are, no matter how many allies you seem to have in this world, there are still people by your side sending you heartfelt encouragement.

It’s your guardian spirit, your biggest cheerleader.