St. Antonius and Selenity


The Sun sends us light every day without a break. It is thanks to the light of the Sun that we are able to live, isn’t it?

The consciousness that resides in a star that emits its own light like the Sun is called “stellar consciousness”. The male yang consciousness that dwells in the Sun is called St. Antonius, and the female yin consciousness is called Selenity. A part of Selenity dwells in the Moon and warmly watches over the human race on Earth.

The Sun creates a family called the solar system and sends light to each of its planets. Each planet in our solar system is like a child of the Sun. In fact, each planet in our solar system was born out of the Sun.

The planetary consciousness creates, keeps alive, and nurtures many lives within its own star. When that practice is complete, it now explodes with energy as stellar consciousness, blazing with life and emanating an infinite amount of light. It is the Sun, the stellar consciousness, that is being trained to keep the surrounding planets alive by actively radiating light.

Just as we humans have our own families to support, we can say that the Earth and the Sun are the result of the expansion of the scale and scope of what they hold.

The planets carry and nurture all the beings living on the planet as their own children. The Sun holds and nurtures the planets of the solar system as its own children.