Water is an Expression of God’s Love

Children of God

Wherever there is life, there is water

What is essential to our life?

It is “water”.

Wherever life dwells, there is always water.

For example, there is a lot of water on the Earth, which means that there are so many life forms living on the Earth.

Water is the source of life and an expression of God’s love.

If the water is contaminated, all lives will be destroyed

Nowadays, environmental pollution is a problem all over the world. Water is being polluted due to environmental pollution.

Various chemicals are being poured into the sea and many fishes are suffering. And the toxins build up in the bodies of the people who eat those fish.

Not only that, the chemicals dissolved in the water go into the mountains and the trees absorb them.

In this way, nature is destroyed. In other words, if the water is poisoned, all life on Earth will be destroyed.

That is the same as killing part of the God of the universe, if we take a broader perspective. It is clearly wrong.

Water contamination must be avoided at all costs

We humans create the causes of environmental pollution.

God’s children who live on the Earth are not only human beings. Animals, plants and minerals are God’s children as well.

We must stop tormenting God’s children who live on the Earth with human ego.

We must know that water is the source of life, and we must avoid polluting it at all costs.

If we don’t, we will end up strangling ourselves in the end.