The Orion Wars – The Space Wars As Depicted In “Star Wars”


A Big War Caused By The Stars Of The Universe Being Split In Half

Once upon a time, there was a big war between highly evolved stars. This war is known as the “Orion Wars“.

The stars of the Universe, which were supposed to be a place of love and harmony, were split in half, and a fierce war of light and darkness ensued that lasted for tens of thousands of years.

It was a big war in space between planets, just like the one depicted in the movie “Star Wars”. It is said that “Star Wars” was modeled after the “Orion Wars”.

How did evolved stars cause such a war?

What Was The Direct Cause Of The Big War?

At that time, highly developed stars were networking together to form a kind of federation to cooperate with each other.

The people of those stars were united in love and trust with the wish to work as the hands and feet of the God of the Universe.

However, the stars of that federation split in half and began to engage in fierce battles.

There was one person who was directly the cause of this.

It was a man called Luci.

Luci was a man of great intelligence and power, and his creativity was unbelievable. It was like the power of God, and his creative power was so great that it could create planets, and there were many who followed Luci, fascinated by his power.

Luci was the cause of the big war that engulfed the entire Universe when he tempted the representatives of each planet who belonged to the League of Planets, a group that was bound together by love and trust.

What Luci Definitely Lacked Was The Thought of Love

Luci began to mislead people by telling them that God also wanted them to use the free will and creativity that He had given them to the fullest extent.

Luci had great creative power, but there was one thing that was definitely lacking. It was the thought of love.

The creative power that Luci displayed was used to show his power to those around him and to demonstrate how powerful he was.

He wanted God to recognize him for his power, and he never used his power for love.

Creativity Is Given To Express Love

The creative power and free will is given to us to express love by the God of the Universe.

If we do not, and use it in a direction contrary to love to show off our power, to control people, and to serve our ego, the reaction will be very great.

Since there was no love in Luci’s own creative power, there were those who saw through his mistakes and said that what he was saying was wrong.

But because Luci actually had god-like creative power and his words were persuasive, some people came to believe what he said and agreed with him.

Then Luci decided to create a galactic cosmos with those who agreed with him and attacked those who disagreed with him, sowing seeds of distrust among the people of the League of Planets, who were connected by love and trust, and tearing that connection apart.

As a result, a battle ensued, with a major division between those on the side of God’s light and those on the side of Luci’s darkness.

The union formed by those who agreed with Luci at that time was called the “Orion Union,” and this war is called the “Orion War” after the name of the union of Luci and his people.

Note that there are people who migrated from the planet Orion to the Earth, but this does not mean that the war was started by the people from that planet.

The End Of The Orion Wars

The Orion Wars resulted in very great sacrifices among the stars, and some of the planets themselves were destroyed in the battles.

In the end, the side of light slightly outnumbered the forces of darkness.

In a one-on-one battle between Michael and Luci, Michael was able to contain Luci’s powerful energy with his Excalibur sword, and the side of light won.

After the long war was over, the League of Planets held a trial by the Council.

Then Luci and his fellow members were brought before the court to reflect on their mistakes.

It was then decided that a space union would be created to maintain peace in the Universe so that such a war would never be repeated again.

It may be said that the war showed us that no matter how evolved the stars are in the Universe, their ego’s desire to become like God and rule over many people with their own power remains in their hearts until the very end, and it will blow out.

You can read more about the Orion Wars in Chapter 7 of “Project Eden” by Amarie.