The Name of the God of This Universe

God is the Energy of Love

What is the name of the God who made this universe?

What was the initial impetus for the creation of this universe? That was a long time ago. It began with God’s desire to create the universe.

There are many different objects that we have called God. We may have called gods of various religions, or beings enshrined in shrines, and so on.

However, there is only one God, the Creator, the God of the Source, who created the universe. That being is called “Om”. It is said that Om means that which destroys and creates.

The source of all life in all things is the Om God Spirit, the root god of the universe

Om, also called “Om God Spirit” or “Om Great Spirit”, is the root god who created this universe. The source of life for all that exists in this universe is Om.

When we think of God, we may think of something human-like in appearance, but in reality, this is not true. The Om Divine Spirit is the very energy of love. It does not have any human-like form, but everything that exists in this universe is created, kept alive and nurtured by that love energy.

The energy of love cannot be seen by our eyes. It is invisible to our eyes, but it is definitely there and it is circulating through this whole universe like blood. Without that energy of love, nothing that exists in this universe can live. We human beings cannot survive without oxygen, but we also cannot survive without this energy of love.

Every galaxy, star, and planet in the universe, as well as all of us humans, animals, and plants living on that planet, are loved by the Om Divine Spirit. There is nothing that is not loved by God. All living things are kept alive and nurtured by the love of Om.

This universe is the body of the Om divine spirit

I said earlier that Om God Spirit is the energy of love itself. Our original form as human beings is the soul, which is the energy body, and that energy was separated from the Om, but the Om also has something that corresponds to the human body. That is actually this universe.

This universe that we can see is the body of Om. It is so huge that it is very difficult for us to grasp the entirety of the universe, but it is said that this Om universe is similar to our human body.
In the universe, there are parts that correspond to our head, body, heart, arms and legs.

It is said to look like the Giant Warrior in “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. The body of the Om God Spirit is this universe, and the shape of our human body was also created based on that shape.

God in the universe is one, the very energy of love

This universe was not born by chance. It was created by the thought of the Om, the root God of the universe, and all beings are God’s children who are loved by the Om.

There is one God in this universe and that God is the very energy of love. Everything is differentiated, alive and nurtured from that love energy.