How planets and stars are created


The Birth of a Star

How do the planets and stars that exist in the universe come into being?

In this article, I would like to talk about the birth of the stars.

Consciousness dwells in the stars, too

The stars are not just lumps of rock, just as our souls are inside our human bodies, so each of them has its own consciousness inside them.

In the case of humans, the dimensions of the spirit world are divided according to the minuteness of the person’s vibrations, and the personality spirit that has evolved to the highest degree is called the “ninth dimension spirit”.

And when you go beyond the ninth dimension, it becomes the tenth dimension. When you become conscious in the tenth dimension, you will dwell in the planets, and when you become conscious in the eleventh dimension, you will dwell in the stars. In order for a planet or a star to be created, such a consciousness body is necessary.

To create a planet, several conscious bodies work together, and one of them decides to dwell in the planet as the center. It means that the thoughts of that body of consciousness are first and foremost.

The first way stars are created is by division

It is said that there are several different ways in which the actual planets are made.

The first is “division”. It’s like the so-called cell division.

For example, it separates from something as big as the Sun. In fact, the Earth was created in such a way that it was divided.

Secondly, it creates an energy magnetic field that attracts various things

The second is the way in which the energy magnetic field centers and attracts various things.

For example, it creates a strong magnetic field to attract objects drifting in space and meteorites. Those things that were attracted to it coalesced to form a kind of planetary nucleus, which grew larger and larger.

The third is the materialization of a gas body by a chemical reaction

And the third is the form in which a gas body undergoes a chemical reaction and becomes a planet. In the midst of a chemical reaction, there is a crackling chemical phenomenon that feels like it is on fire and solidifies into something material.

In any case, the ten-dimensional consciousness, called planetary consciousness, has been creating planets for hundreds of millions of years, billions of years.

The planet is the body itself, and the planetary consciousness creates the body over a long period of time.

It seems like a tremendous amount of time to us, but the planetary consciousness has a planetary idea and a single-mindedness that creates the physical body.

Once a star completes its mission as a star, it is dismantled

And eventually, their mission as stars will come to an end.

It is the same thing as a human being reaching the end of his or her life span. Once the mission is complete, the star will freeze, explode, and be dismantled.

Once the star is dismantled, the conscious body that dwells there will return to the original world again. Just as human beings die and their souls return to the spirit world, the planetary consciousness returns to the world where it was before it dwelt in the body.

In this way, there is a lifetime of planets and stars.