Practice Of Love And Evolution Of The Soul

Practice of Love

Expansion Of The Soul Vessel

We are born into this world for the evolution and growth of our soul. And what is soul evolution? It is the expansion of the vessel of the soul.

What happens when the vessel of the soul expands? We will be able to embrace more people with love. We will be able to accept the presence of whatever the other person is. It means that our soul’s cognitive capacity will expand.

When we see everyone as a child of God, no matter who they are, even though they have different personalities and roles to play, we can feel love for all people.

This is true not only for human beings, but also for animals and plants, which are all God’s children, living together as brothers and sisters.

Family does not only refer to those who are related to each other by blood, but also to those who are connected to each other by the same energy of love that flows within each of us. All beings living on the Earth are family.

Expanding Through The Practice Of Love

Cognitive capacity is the range of one’s thoughts and the very world that one holds. The more our soul vessel expands, the larger the world we hold.

It does not become that way by doing nothing. The vessel of the soul does not expand by simply thinking without doing anything. It expands through actions, and without the practice of love, it will not grow.

Practice means action, and not only does it work, but action is always accompanied by failure. However, it is in these failures that the greatest learning is hidden, and they are also opportunities to realize our own inadequacies. Learning of one’s own immaturity may sometimes be painful, but it will also expand the vessel of one’s soul.

Soul Is The Energy Body Of Love

The soul is an energy body of love. The more we do loving deeds with loving thoughts, the more the energy of love is given to us from the Universe, and the greater the amount of energy. This is because similar energies are attracted to each other and become larger according to the law of wavelength sympathy. The more we have thoughts that are connected to the love of the Universe, the more love energy flows in from the Universe.

In other words, it means that the amount of energy in the soul is increasing rapidly. If we live for the happiness of people by uniting our thoughts of love and deeds of love, we will attract more and more energy of love and our soul energy will grow. And it will also become a source of energy that will make even more people happy.

That is what it means, after all, that the vessel of the soul cannot expand without the practice of love. It means that without practice, one’s own love energy will not grow.

To Help As Many People As Possible Turn Back To Love

Practicing love is not about being special, but about making as many people happy as possible. It is to help as many people as possible to turn to love. It is to help people realize their true selves as children of God, and it is a call to live together in love.

Human beings cannot be truly happy unless they know who they are in essence. The true happiness of God’s children is not to live comfortably in this world, but to realize what kind of being they were created to be in the Universe and to live in love within the providence of the Universe’s love.

How many more people can we bring to that realization and live in love together? This practical action of love is directly connected to the expansion of the vessel of the soul.