Returning to the Other World with no Regrets

Eternal Soul

Let us return to the other world with no regrets

Every year, as summer arrives, I am getting older, one year at a time, but at the same time, it makes me aware of how many more years I have left in my life.

There comes a time when every human being, without exception, is going to die. In a way, it is not strange if it comes suddenly today. Before we are born, we make plans for this life and determine our life span, but we who live on the ground do not know when that day will come.

That’s why we should live every day without regrets, no matter when that day comes. And when the day comes, we will wipe away our unfulfilled dreams in this world and return to the other side lightly. The only thing we can take with us to the other world is our memories, the memory of how we lived this life.

Death is a departure to the other world. If we shed our body and return to the other world, we can meet our family and friends who have already left the ground. Therefore, dying is not something to be feared, but rather something to be rejoiced over, and from the point of view of those who have already returned, it is like, “You’ve finally come back. It’s like a “welcome home” and it’s a celebratory mood.

Many of those who have already returned to the other world know that it is their true world, and they have learned that it is human beings who dwell in the body for soul training and live their lives on the ground.

However, once we are born on the ground, we actually forget such things and live our lives. On the other hand, if we say that we should be born with all the memories of our souls up to that point, including those of the other world, it’s not necessarily a positive thing in terms of soul training, and it’s still true that it makes sense to live a life from scratch.

And if you’ve learned what you need to learn in this life, you’ll return to the other side without any unfinished business. You can learn again in the next life, so if you’ve done what you need to do, you’ll leave quickly. It’s okay if you go home that lightly.