What we need to help withdrawals, NEETs and independence

Life's Troubles

Why is the number of withdrawals and NEETs on the rise?

Nowadays, withdrawal and NEET have become a social problem.

It seems that there are more and more cases of people becoming withdrawn, not only among young people but also among the elderly.

Why is such a problem occurring? I’d like to talk about it this time.

It’s due to a lack of guidelines for life that resonate with the soul

The reason why people become withdrawn or NEET is different from person to person, but fundamentally I think it can be said as follows.

In other words, the lack of a guideline for life, a guideline for living that resonates with a person’s soul, has created such a state of lethargy.

That doesn’t mean they’re slacking off just because they’re withdrawn or NEET. What does it really mean to be a child of God in the true sense of the word? What is a life that is truly worth living?

This is what they actually appear to be asking about.It is through these figures that people who have become withdrawn and NEET are asking questions of adults and of society.

What is our original, true way of life?

Because neither the adults nor the society can provide an answer to this question, they have taken the form of withdrawals and NEETs and have stopped the spiritual activity of the soul.

It is a problem that will not be solved unless each and every one of us shows the original answer to it.

The origin of the solution is that everyone is a child of God without exception

What is the starting point for solving the problem of withdrawal and NEET?

It means that we are all children of God without exception.

God is the main stream of love, the providence of love, the energy of love. As part of that, we exist. Therefore, we are said to be children of God and we are the energy of love itself.

Based on our origins as children of God, we regain our confidence and pride as children of God and ask ourselves how we will live our lives with that in mind.

The individuality of love is given and embedded as the seven-colored spectra of God’s light, and through awareness, we find the guiding principles and values of our true life as children of God.

That is the answer to the question that withdrawn and NEET people are struggling to ask.

I think we need to communicate that we are to find guidance for our lives as children of God.

The soul as a child of God begins to leap again as it realizes its original truth

People who are withdrawn or NEET also know this unconsciously in their hearts.

Everyone is a child of God, so in their hearts they are aware of the answer.

We have to help them to be clearly aware of this and to be able to be aware of it.

As they become aware of their inherent new values, their inherent truths, they will once again have their souls leaping as children of God. They continue to breathe back in.

In that way, they will come to reclaim themselves as God’s children again.