Messenger of Cosmic Love

Practice of Love

We are messengers of the love of the universe

The God of the universe, including this Earth, is the energy of love. Part of that love energy is us as beings, all connected as one. Created from the energy of God’s love and manifested as the energy of love itself, we are human beings.

Each of us has a wonderful personality embedded in us, and we are the messengers of the love of the universe through that personality. Conversely, when we lose sight of love, a child of God cannot fulfill his or her original mission.

We can’t save people with cold knowledge

For example, there is something called “knowledge”. There is no doubt that intelligence is very important in terms of increasing our cognitive abilities. However, if you are biased by knowledge and make the illusion that you are better than others, then such things are of no use to you.

If you don’t make use of that knowledge with love, it’s just cold knowledge, and you can’t save many people or connect with the divine wisdom of the great universe.

When one forgets love in one’s heart, he or she will be diverted from the thoughts of God and will not be able to fulfill that role as a messenger of love. The words and actions of such a person will not resonate with people at all, and they will have to be self-indulgent in a sense.

Pouring the blood of love into people’s hearts

Whether you are brilliant or not, whether you have a lot of knowledge or not, if you don’t have the blood of love flowing into the other person’s heart, you are not a true messenger of love. I think we should never forget that.

There is no love in a heart that is drowning in knowledge, competing for superiority and looking down on others. With such a mind, the doors of God’s wisdom in the universe will never be opened, and the true power of being a child of God will never be brought out at all.