How to Avoid Going to Hell After Death

Practice of Love

To avoid going to hell after death

What can we do to ensure that we do not descend into hell after death?It is, in a nutshell, to “live God’s heart as my heart.

The heart of God is a heart of love.

If you live with a heart of love, there is no such thing as going to hell.

So what do we need to be mindful of in order to live with a heart of love? I’m going to talk about three things.

Always improve yourself

The first is to “constantly improve yourself”. This is, in other words, a tireless effort, a continual effort to improve oneself.

If anything, we tend to take the easy way out. It is the human mind to think, “Well, that’s enough.” However, it is important to continue to work hard with the humble feeling that you are still inexperienced.

People in hell tend to take the easy way out and hate the hard work. Therefore, step by step, you must have the will to improve yourself, with the feeling that tomorrow is better than today, and the day after tomorrow is better than tomorrow.

To make others happy as one’s own

The second way to live with a heart of love is to “make other people’s happiness your own”. Always live with the happiness of other people in mind. In a word, “altruism”.

To do so, specific actions are required. For example, to put it simply, be nice to people. Treat others with compassion. To share the suffering and joy. Forgive each other instead of blaming the other person for their mistakes.

These are easy to say, but when it comes to actually doing it, it can be surprisingly difficult. Love is a deed and a practice.In the other world, “thoughts are deeds,” but in this world, it’s not enough to just think. Actually put it into action. Express your thoughts as an expression. Only then can it become a practice of love.

There is not a single person in hell who is living for the well-being of others.They live their lives with an ego that says, “I don’t care what happens to other people, all I have to do is be good.” They have no peace of mind because they live in constant fear that someone is going to harm them.

Don’t get attached

And the third and final thing is, it’s about not getting attached. To put it another way, it means to live with a feeling of being as smooth as a stream.

For example, if you feel hurt or angry because of something someone said to you that you don’t like, you shouldn’t be able to remember and suffer from it forever. You can’t get that out of your head for days and days, and every time you see that person, you feel uncomfortable. That’s exactly the state of being attached. Even if your mind is fuzzy for a moment, you can let it go. Don’t keep your mind on that one thing.

If you live with such an unattractive, bright and round mind, you are unlikely to go to hell.
Hell, in a sense, can be a very sticky and sticky world. It’s as if people in hell are obsessed with one thing too much and live their lives assuming that this is an absolute in the midst of a narrow vision.

It’s not about that, it’s about not getting attached to things and living purely with a feeling like the water of a flowing stream.

Live with a heart of love

I spoke three things about the heart of love and how to live it so as not to descend into hell.

To sum it up, you can say that you should always improve yourself, let other people’s happiness be your happiness, and don’t get attached to it.