The Truth About the Physical Structure Of The Children Of God

Children of God

The Truth About the Physical Structure Of The Children Of God

We, the children of God, are made in the image of God. It is the same for us earthlings, and not only on Earth, but also on other planets in the Universe, the bodies of God’s children have the same structure as God’s body.

The Universe itself is God’s body, and our bodies are created in accordance with the structure of the Universe. Our eyes, heart, stomach, intestines, and other parts of our body, each with its own role, are copies of the structure of the Universe and are incorporated into our body.

For example, the heart acts like a pump that pushes blood throughout the body. This means that there is a part of the Universe that pushes something like blood through the entire Universe.

The blood in this Universe is the energy of love. It is circulating to every corner of the entire Universe. There is a part of the body that plays the role of a heart that pushes the energy of love throughout the Universe, and all the organs of the Universe are designed to be embedded in the bodies of our children of God.

Who designed it, of course, is the God of the Universe. He has created us, His children, in His own image.