Consciousness Is Not Created By The Brain

Eternal Soul

Consciousness Is Not Created By The Brain

When asked, “Do you believe there is such a thing as mind, spirit, or consciousness?” most people would probably say, “Yes, I do.”
However, if you were to ask, “Do you think there is such a thing as a soul,” most people would probably answer in the negative.

Due to the influence of images imbued with the word, the answer is either positive or negative, but the mind, spirit, consciousness, and soul are all the same thing.

In detail, the heart is the central part of the soul, and all of these are the essence of who we are.

We ourselves are consciousness itself, the soul itself.

Some people may think that consciousness is created by the brain, but this is not the truth.

To put it simply, the brain is like a control room where various perceptual information is gathered, and it is responsible for sending out commands to the organs of the body.

Even if the brain disappears, our consciousness will not disappear. Even without the brain, we can still think and feel.

The soul is the energy body that thinks things through.

The body is the container for the soul or consciousness. When the body dies, the soul slips out of it.

And the soul continues to exist without disappearing.

The soul is our true nature.