How to Change Your Mind


How to Change Your Mind

If your mind changes, your deeds will change.

If your mind is always filled with negative thoughts such as complaining and jealousy, your mouth will be filled with complaining, swearing, and cursing.

Swept away by a mind that does not know how to be sufficient, people will blame others, become aggressive, run for self-preservation, hurt others and hurt themselves.

Such a chain of suffering and sorrow must be broken.

Whenever such thoughts arise in your mind, you should try to eliminate them one by one. Convert negative thoughts into positive ones, just like flipping black to white in Othello.

Put the spotlight on people’s strengths, not their weaknesses. Realize how many people have helped you, protected you, and taken care of you. When you realize that, your heart will be filled with gratitude.

The difference in ability between people is not a matter of superiority or inferiority, but a matter of individuality. Just as there are things that only that person can do, there are also things that only you can do. Once you realize that, your jealousy will disappear.

Instead of having only unhappy thoughts, fill your mind with positive and cheerful thoughts, cherish the middle course, and live a straight life.

Life is like a training exercise for the mind.