Accepting Each Other’s Differences

Practice of Love

It is difficult for people to accept people who have different ideas and values from their own. This is especially true when they are in conflict with their own ideas and values. When we are exposed to such things, we generally feel as if we are being denied. It is common for people to attack the other person in order to defend their own righteousness or what they believe in.

This leads to confrontation, which in turn leads to mutual hurt. This is true not only between people in our daily lives, but also in conflicts between nations, races, and religions. I think we can see people creating enemies and fighting to protect themselves everywhere.

There is no need to try to justify yourself by denying the other person. Instead, you should try to accept ideas and values that differ from your own. This is because no matter how different their thoughts and values may be, they are also God’s children, and there is always something precious in their thoughts and values. Notice what differences there are and accept each other. Embrace each other with deep love.

“It may be that the person is showing me a truth that I haven’t realized yet, and making me realize that even though it is different from what I believe, there is a rightness in it, and there may be something I can learn from it.”

We should not forget that kind of humility. It is just arrogance to say that only what you believe is absolute and that you do not accept anything else. Instead of attacking others, we should hold hands with them with deep love.

When we live only in the same sense of values, we don’t have many opportunities to realize the differences. In this sense, the planet Earth is like a melting pot of souls that came from various stars in the Universe. In the midst of the manifestation of various divine personalities, we can learn the importance of accepting and respecting each other’s differences. And through this harmony, the next new evolutionary development will be born again.