Mother Teresa Lived As Incarnation Of Love

Practice of Love

Why do we repeat the cycle of reincarnation over and over again, being born from the other world to this world and returning to the other world when we finish our lives? It is to learn what love is and to express love.

Learning about love does not mean just knowing it in our heads. Simply saying, “This is what love is,” does not mean that you have learned love.

Love is not visible, and it is not a magic trick to make something appear and say, “This is love.”

It is through concrete deeds that we feel love. Through deeds, love spreads throughout the world.

For example, Mother Teresa’s continuous efforts to help people suffering from poverty and illness is a true manifestation of love.

I believe that she had the love to ease the suffering of as many people as possible.

And the figure of Mother Teresa, who actually devoted her energy and time to help people and continued to live her life. Through this figure, people may feel love, learn about love, and think about the importance of love.

However, I am not saying that we must do exactly the same thing as Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa expressed love in a way that only she could. In the same way, each of us has our own unique way of expressing love.

It may not be easy to know what it is. No one can give us the answer. It is something we must find the answer for ourselves.

We are born into this world in a physical body and return to the other world again and again so that we can learn what love is in the eternal time and express greater and deeper love through concrete practices.

The variety and depth of love is learned over thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of millions of years.