To those who say there is no hope for life

Why do People Live?

To those who say there is no hope for life

What should a person do when they feel that “There is no meaning to life,” “There is no hope for life,” or “Life has no meaning”?

Many of the people who feel the problems I just mentioned may think that life is for themselves. I used to be the same way myself. I used to think that my life was all about my happiness and freedom. I thought that working and doing everything was for me.

But that’s not true. Life is not for me, it is for others.

Life is not for your own sake, but for the happiness of others

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with investing yourself in a variety of things to help you grow.

Self-building is also very important, and if you’re not able to do that, it can be difficult to truly live for others.

But again, as long as you think life is for you, you will never truly feel the meaning of life, hope, and joy in life.

Because such hope and joy can only be felt when we live for the happiness of others.

When you contribute to the happiness of others, you find your own meaning and value

When you can do something useful for others and feel that you are worthwhile, you have a sense of meaning in life and hope begins to be found. You will be able to see that there is meaning in this kind of yourself.

So I would like to recommend to anyone who has such problems to change their perspective. It’s a shift in perspective from a self-self perspective to one of others.

It doesn’t mean that you should be too concerned about what people think of you, or that you should care about what people think of you, but rather that you should use your time and energy to make others happy.

What you can do to make others happy

I think it’s very important to take a step towards that.

It doesn’t matter how small it is, for example, you have to smile at people. I think this alone is a great thing to do.

Then you have to say something bright. Use positive words, not negative, backward-looking words, but positive words that will give them hope as well. I think that’s a very wonderful thing too.

And always remember to be grateful. We are not able to live alone. We have to say “thank you” to the sun, to nature and to the people around us. That’s also a great thing.

By practicing even one of those things, your life will change positively. And you will start to feel hope and meaning in your life.