What is the purpose of aliens coming to Earth by UFO?


What is the purpose of aliens coming to Earth by UFO?

There was news that the U.S. Department of Defense released a video of a UFO. It looks like the time will come when we will finally be able to interact with aliens.

This is not a story in a science fiction story, but we will see that aliens and UFOs actually exist.

The people of the universe are more aware and intelligent than the people of Earth, and in fact they think about the Earth more than we do.

So, why do aliens come to Earth? It is never a lowly reason to invade the Earth.

I would like to talk about the purpose of the aliens coming to Earth.

They want to trade on a space scale

Broadly speaking, its purpose is twofold.

The first is that they want to do trade on a space scale. They bring back to their own planet what is unique to the Earth, and conversely, they bring back to the Earth what is unique to that planet. It means that they want such trade.

I think this is easy to understand if you think about it in terms of the Earth. For example, there are some things that can only be taken in a certain country or region. Coffee beans are famous in South America. We take it to other countries so that the people there can taste it too.

That’s where trade was born, and in Japan, trading companies are doing that kind of work. As an alien coming to Earth, why don’t we do it on a cosmic scale?

There are countless other stars in this universe besides Earth, where there are people living in civilizations more advanced than ours. From their point of view, the science and technology of this planet is at the elementary school level.

Such aliens are children of the same God as us, and even though they may look different, they are separated from the same God and are brothers and sisters with us.

The first purpose is that they want that kind of trade between the planets.

They are watching the spiritual awakening of the people of Earth

What, then, is the second purpose? It means watching to see how much more spiritually awake the people of the Earth can be.

In the universe, the Earth is a grade school level planet. It is a fact that it is such a fledgling mentality to fight and wage war against each other in different countries, religions and cultures.

They are hoping to get to a point where they can come out of what could be described as a barbaric state of affairs in some ways, and interact with an open mind. If we are human beings who are from the same Earth and yet we are hurting each other, they can’t interact with each other in a safe manner.

Even in past times, aliens had been coming to Earth. It is said that sometimes aliens intervened to stop wars. They have even come down to Earth to give us a warning.

The entire universe is actually paying a lot of attention to Earth right now, and it’s time to decide whether or not we can take it to the next level as a planet. It’s called “shifting up,” and it’s about evolving from an elementary school level to a middle school level star as a place to learn to love.

So the second purpose of the aliens coming to Earth is that they are watching over the spiritual awakening of the people on Earth from the side in that way.

Space Angels in action

Some space aliens are called “space angels”. They are the ones who take pleasure in leaving their home planet and contributing to the evolutionary development of other stars.

They don’t just think about the happiness of their own planet, but the happiness of the entire universe and the entire galaxy.If this shift is successful, I’m sure we’ll see more of those people from around the planet.
If this shift is successful, I’m sure we’ll see more of those people from around the planet.

Some people may wonder about communication with aliens. Communication with aliens will not be done through language, but through telepathy. We communicate with each other directly by conveying our thoughts in waves.