The Truth Of The Lemuria Civilization


Lemuria Civilization Is Centered On Art, Sensibility

Once upon a time, on the continent of Lemuria, which was in the Indian Ocean, a civilization arose.

It was called the Lemuria civilization.

The theme of this civilization was “Art.”

One of the ideals of this civilization was to approach the God through sensibility.

The ninth dimensional spirits in charge of the Lemuria civilization are called Manu and Zeus.

They are both ninth dimensional spirits that specialize in the arts.

Manu’s name is found in the Manusmriti, and Zeus was active in the Greek period.

The Great Guiding Spirit Descended On Lemuria

At the time of the Lemuria civilization, the first Zeus was to be born.

His name at that time was called Elemaria.

When Elemaria was born on the ground, he showed his genius in every field of art, conveying to people the joy of life and the glory of God through art.

The name Elemaria comes from “El-Lemuria,” which is said to mean “the light of God that fell on Lemuria”.

About 15,000 years after Zeus ended his life on the ground, Manu was born.

At that time, Manu was called Margarit, and its meaning was said to be “one who competes”.

Bringing The Principle Of Competition To The Arts And Achieving Unity Of Religion And Politics

Margarit was a man who brought the principle of competition to the arts.

He divided the arts into five categories – music, painting, literature, architecture and sculpture – and held competitions every three years.

There, the tribe that reached the highest degree in each was entrusted with politics for three years.

It was not easy to judge how close to God any of the works were.

At that time, a woman born into a royal family served as a priestess for many generations, and the oracle that the priestess received determined the excellence of the work.

In this way, the principle of competition was introduced into the arts and the unity of the religion and politics was achieved.

The Lemuria Civilization Built The Most Advanced Civilization On The Earth

This was the time of the Lemuria civilization, when the children of God succeeded in making their divinity sparkle and draw closer to God through art.

The aliens in spaceships came to Earth during this period and contacted the people of Earth.

It is recognized by aliens as the most advanced era of civilization on Earth.

It was also during this time that we began to harness the power of the pyramids in earnest.

After the era of the two ninth dimensional spirits, the people living on the ground colonized the continent of Mu and made slaves of the people there.

Then, they let those slaves do what they had to do in life, while they themselves reveled in their art.

Gradually, people’s thoughts began to be clouded.

Then, one day the Lemuria continent was submerged under the sea in a single day and night, closing the curtain on civilization.

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