The Truth of the Atlantis Civilization (Part 1)


The Civilization of Atlantis

I’m sure some of you have heard of the continent of Atlantis.

It is sometimes said that it is a phantom continent, but it was certainly a continent before it sank to the bottom of the sea.

The civilization that arose on the continent of Atlantis was the “Atlantis Civilization,” the civilization that preceded the present civilization.

The theme of Atlantis’ civilization is “science”

Each civilization has a theme for us humans to learn about, and the Atlantis civilization was one that brought “science” to the fore.

In each civilization, several ninth dimensional spirits team up to provide guidance, and the person in charge of this Atlantis civilization is a person called a “Maitreya”.

However, in Buddhism, Maitreya Bodhisattva is also called “Maitreya”, but it is not that Maitreya.

There are three ninth dimensional spirits who came to Earth from a star in the direction of Orion, and Maitreya is one of them.

Incidentally, the other two are with “Manu” and “Kaitron”.

Manu is the god of art and Kaitron is the god of science.

Kuthumi has converted the plant’s life energy into electricity

The civilization of Atlantis is divided into three major periods.

First of all, about 16,000 years ago now, Kuthumi was born in Atlantis.

This Kuthumi is the name of the Kaitron I mentioned earlier when it was born on the ground.

It is said that Kuthumi focused on the morphological changes in plants and succeeded in taking power from the life energy of plants and converting it into electricity.

From then on, the people of Atlantis would place plant bulbs on their windowsills, and the energy of their germination would power their families.

Since science was a major theme in the Atlantis civilization, Kuthumi was credited with setting the direction of science in the early part of the civilization.

Saint Cusanus preached “Deism”

Later, St. Cusanus was born.

St. Cusanus was the name of Maitreya when he was born on the ground, born into a royal family and preached law.

The teachings of St. Cusanus are called “Deism”.

It is the teaching that we evolve with a balance of both science and faith.

It was to tell us that it was the original Creator’s desire to pursue both science and the love of God.

St. Cusanus also said that God is the energy of love and that love is important, but in the course of civilization that followed, people became so preoccupied with scientific development that this part of love began to slip away.

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