For Whom And What Do We Live?

Practice of Love

Since we are all essentially the energy of love, the person who suffers the most from having thoughts or doing things contrary to love is ourselves.

If we embrace and love ourselves as we are, and treat many people with love, we will become happier and happier.

I used to write novels and poems in my early twenties with the intention of becoming a writer, but at that time I was not happy at all. Rather, I was just in pain and suffering. Why was that? Because I was writing for my own happiness.

“I want to win some kind of literary award. I want to be famous and be recognized.”

If we live for the sake of our ego, thinking “I want to do this, I want to do that,” there is no way we can be happy. I have learned that even if I live for my own happiness, in the end I will never be truly happy, and I will never feel happiness in my heart. We don’t need a lot of things to be happy. If we love ourselves as we are, love others, and live for the happiness of others, we will naturally become happy ourselves.

To put it another way, living for God is the greatest happiness. By expressing God’s thoughts and desires through our own existence, we can make more people happy. God wants all of His children to love each other and be happy, so living for that purpose is a great source of heartfelt joy for each of us.