A Spiritual Body – A Part of the Soul –

Eternal Soul

A spiritual body is a part of the soul, something that is in the body

When we are born, we usually think that our physical body is ourselves. When we look in the mirror and see our reflection, it may be natural in a sense to think that this is us.

However, in reality, this is not the truth. Although it is not reflected in the mirror, there is something called a “spirit body” inside the body. This is our original human form, and the spirit body is a part of our soul. A part of our soul in the other world dwells in our body and we are born.

For example, there are often costumes of monsters and characters, and there are people in those costumes. It’s not that the costumed monster is thinking about something, but that the person inside is thinking about something and moving the costume around. And when the work is done, he takes off his costume and, although it sounds like it would destroy children’s dreams to say so, he goes home.

In the same way, the person taking on a physical body is the real you, and that is called the spiritual body. Again, the spiritual body is a part of your soul.

Some people may ask the question, “If you mean a part of your soul, then where is your whole soul?” It is right there in the other world, and when you die and return to the other world, it will be with the rest of your soul there. As a part of the whole soul, we can share the experiences and lessons that we were born on the ground this time.