Spiritual Sense As A Soul

Eternal Soul

Heavy To Wear A Material Body

In my late teens, as a college student at the time, I often thought to myself, “What a heavy thing the body is. If I could just get out of here, I could be more free.” I think I unconsciously felt the weight of wearing a physical body.

At the time, I had no interest in spiritual matters and had no idea that there was such a thing as a soul, so I don’t know why I felt that way. Perhaps subconsciously, memories of the time when I was in the other world, without a material body, suddenly came back to me.

The Spiritual Sense We Can Go There Instantly When We Think About The Place

Another thing that I found inconvenient about the material body was transportation.

At that time, I was living in Saitama, Japan, and I had to take a train for 30 or 40 minutes to get to Shibuya in Tokyo. I sometimes thought, “How hard it is to have a physical body.” If I didn’t have a body, I subconsciously had the feeling that I could go there just by thinking about the place. Spiritually speaking, you can actually go there just by thinking of the place.

In fact, if we don’t have a physical body, we can spiritually go to a place or appear there just by thinking about it, and we are essentially free to do so. While having a physical body is certainly precious and meaningful, from the standpoint of our true spiritual form, I think that we are actually in a very restricted state on the ground.

A Sense Of Freedom In The Flight Of The Soul

There is a painter named Marc Chagall. He is also known as the “Painter of Love” because he loved his wife, Bella, with all his heart and painted many works on the theme of love for her. So many of his paintings are of flying in the sky.

Over the Town, Marc Chagall
Birthday, Marc Chagall

We often see Chagall himself floating around, flying over the city with Bella in his arms, or floating in the air kissing Bella. What they are, is that Chagall himself was often out of his physical body.

This is what is called astral projection, where the soul leaves the body and flies around freely. What Chagall was seeing and doing at that time, he painted, whether he knew it or not. When I look at these paintings, I can feel Chagall’s love for Bella, and also his sense of freedom of soul.

The Origin Of Angel Wings

When we think of flying in the sky, “wings” come to mind. The image that immediately comes to mind is that of angels. When we think of angels, most of us probably imagine them with wings on their backs.

Now, there is no one living on the ground today who has wings on his or her back. However, about 270 million years ago, people who came to Earth from the stars in the direction of Orion were very beautiful, both men and women, and they had wings on their backs. It is said that seeing them, the angels on Earth began to grow wings.

Orion is a green star with ancient origins in this Universe, and is also known as the star that brings plants and art into the Universe. In Orion, the three dimensional material world has become light waves and the physical body has become light as well, so there are people who fly freely with wings on their backs.

The Soul Emits Its Own Unique Vibrations

It is very difficult to change our physical body as we wish in this world, but as a spiritual being in the other world, the soul is free to take any form it wants. In the afterlife, we exist in the form that we want, and we can change our appearance, facial shape, hair, clothes, etc. if we want to. Even if we change our appearance, the vibrations that we emit are unique and can be recognized by our vibration.

When we are asleep, we return to the other world to replenish our spiritual energy. There is one thing I remember as a personal experience there. I met my wife in some kind of square. Even though her appearance and shape was completely different from that of my wife on the ground, somehow I knew it was her. I don’t remember the details of what we talked about, but I felt, “Oh, that’s my wife.” It was a strange experience, but I felt I could recognize her by her vibrations.

We Are The Soul, The Energy Body Of Love Itself

The soul is the energy body of love, which is formless. The soul is the true nature of us, and we are the soul itself. That is why even when we are in the body, we unconsciously remember and feel it.

Everyone can feel it, there is nothing special about it. Everyone, without exception, is a spiritual being, and if you are aware of it, you will become more and more aware of it.