Who We Are By Nature

Eternal Soul

We have not learned in school what human beings are by nature. I think it is common for people to grow up without being taught by adults. This is because many people, even adults, live their lives without knowing, and even most adults live their lives without being able to answer the question, which makes it difficult to give the answer to young people.

But we should be taught from an early age who we are by nature. There is a difference between living life knowing this and living life without knowing anything at all, and I believe that the meaning of life will change dramatically.

We are essentially spiritual beings called souls. We live clad in a physical body. It is born from the other world to fill this world with love, to express love and make it a wonderful world, not to live a life selfishly and in accordance with our desires.

The soul itself is what we are. It inhabits a physical body for a time, lives a life of several decades in this world, and then returns to the other world in a cycle that means that the human soul is never extinguished, and that even those who die return to the other world and live normally.

We are souls created by God to express love, and what kind of love we express is completely up to the free will of each of us. God tells us to express love freely and nothing is forced upon us. And once a soul is created, it is not extinguished, but is given eternal life.

Expressing love is how we can make ourselves useful for the happiness of many others. There is a love that only that person can express, and how to develop that love in this physical life now.

The soul is the energy body of love. When people become aware of their true nature and awaken to it, they begin to use their time and energy only to express love.

When people see such a way of life, they realize, “Ah, maybe this is the true way of human beings to live.” If those who realize this begin to live in this way, they will inspire many others to change.

And the Earth itself will be transformed into a planet filled with love. We are living in such an era of change.