The Creativity Given to the Children of God

Children of God

Everything comes from within the soul

Everything in the world was in the human soul. They were envisioned in the human soul and then manifested in the outside world.

For example, trains and airplanes are commonplace means of transportation nowadays, but in the past, there was no such thing, and there was a time when people had to walk for hours or take months to cross the ocean in a boat, and they had to spend a lot of time and effort in that way. Nowadays, you can get to the other side of the world in just a few hours by plane.

Trains and airplanes are also the result of human creativity. Can’t we travel farther in a shorter amount of time in a more efficient manner? As the thoughts of people with such a problem grew, such vehicles were created.

Whether visible or not, the first impetus is a thought in the soul of a person, and it has become a reality in society. This is how everything has been created.

The children of God are given the same creative power as God

The human soul is allowed to envision anything it wants, and since the time God created us, we have been given the same creative power as God.

So why is that kind of creative power given to us as God’s children? That’s what we want to think about.

The joy of creation and the realization of our greatness as children of God

I think the reason for this is, first of all, that God wants us to experience the joy of creation. There is nothing that God, who created this great universe, cannot create. As God’s children, we too should be able to create many things, even if not as much as God.

As children of God, when we are able to materialize what we think in our souls, we feel a sense of accomplishment, and we have confidence that we can create such things. I believe that God gives such creative power to His children so that they can experience the greatness and splendor of being a child of God.

For what purpose does using your creativity bring you great joy?

And secondly, I think that God wants us to learn for what purpose we can use that creative power for great joy.

Even though we, as children of God, can create anything, I think the value of what we create for ourselves alone is different than what we create for many people. Wouldn’t it be more joyful if we used our creative power for other children of God instead of for ourselves?

Trains and airplanes are also useful to many people and contribute to the happiness of many people. When that happens, people will be more appreciative of them and more happiness will be returned to the person who created them. You will feel a great deal more joy than if you only used it for yourself. In this way, God wants us to use that power for each other.

He wants all God’s children to be happy in doing so. In that way, I think that creativity is given as one way and means for God’s children to be happy.

Awareness of being a child of God and the ability to be creative in achieving more happiness

“I want you to realize how great and wonderful it is to be a child of God through creativity. And I want you to learn how to use that creative power in any way that will lead to greater happiness for many of God’s children.”

I believe that God wishes it so, and He has given His children the same creative power as He does.