How is the gender of a spirit determined?

Man and Woman

How is the gender of a spirit determined?

How is the gender of male and female spirits determined? And can the genders ever change?

The soul was originally male and female as one.
After the soul was divided into male and female, the male and female souls started their journey of learning as male and female.

So it was decided at the first stage of separation whether the soul was a male soul or a female soul.

Male spirits often reincarnate as men and female spirits often reincarnate as women

In the long process of reincarnation, the male spirit is born on the ground in the body of a male and the female spirit is born as a female, and as the process repeats, the masculine and feminine nature is gradually solidified.

Can a being created as a male soul be born as a male forever? And conversely, what about the case of the female soul?

As it turns out, for the most part, this is the case. However, there are of course cases where this is not the case.

Being born in another gender is when it’s deemed to contribute to the growth of the soul

For example, in the process of reincarnation, one may take on the other gender so strongly that he or she dwells in the body opposite to the gender of the soul.

There are also cases where a person may be born in the opposite sex through the reaping of karma.
For example, it may be that a man who persecuted a woman is born as a woman in a reincarnation and experiences the same persecution.

In other cases, it seems that in some cases, higher-class male spirits are born as women in order to improve the status of women. (Women politicians, bureaucrats, executives, etc.)

And it is possible for the person to be born in another sex even when there is a strong desire of the person to do so.

In any case, when, in consultation with the guardian or guiding spirit, it is determined to be helpful to the evolution of the person’s soul, it is possible for the person to be born in the body of the opposite sex as a soul in that way.

There are also hermaphrodites who have a male soul and a female soul in one

Apart from this, there are also beings called “hermaphrodites,” who are already soulfully male and female in one body.

In this case, of course, they will decide which sex they will come out with at birth. However, there are times when the other sex comes out more than they expected. Many such people are said to have gender dysphoria.

The division into male and female is for the evolution of the soul

To sum up, fundamentally, in terms of the soul, male and female are created separately.

And in the process of reincarnation and reincarnation, we strengthen our original gender, but sometimes we live in a body that is the opposite of our soul’s gender.

It is possible to do so if it is judged to contribute to the evolutionary improvement of the soul.

This is because the primary purpose of being reborn in this world is the growth of the soul. It can be said that the evolution of the soul is facilitated because of the separation between male and female.