The Revealed Relationship Between Body and Soul

Eternal Soul

Is It All Over When We Die?

There are still many people in the world who think that when they die, everything will be over. They have anxiety and fear of death. However, in reality, everything does not end when a person dies.

Some people say, “How can you say that if you have never died?” In my case, it is largely due to my personal spiritual experience. The experience is what is called astral projection, which is an out of body experience.

Myself Floating Above My Sleeping Body

It was in my mid-twenties when I had an out-of-body experience while sleeping at night in my room. I had left my body and was floating above my sleeping self.

In the room, there was a piece of furniture for storage, and there was a large round ball of light floating on it, with four or five smaller balls of light floating around it.

What I felt from that ball of light was an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. I didn’t say anything in particular, but I could feel the warmth of the vibrations coming from that ball of light. It was as if I was being warmly watched over.

The Body May Be Gone, But the Soul Is Not

Then I went back into my body, feeling as if I were being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner, and I found myself back in my body. And the golden ball of light that I had been seeing was no longer visible.

At the time, I had no interest in anything spiritual, so I just thought it was a strange experience. At that time, I realized that the physical body is not a part of me, but a container. It meant that even without a physical body, I would continue to exist as a conscious being. In other words, the human body is just a container for the soul, and the soul is the true form of ourselves.

After realizing this, my fear and anxiety about death began to disappear. Just because you die at the end of your life, it doesn’t mean your existence is over. Even if the life of the body ends, the life of the soul does not end. That’s what I believe now.

We Are All Spiritual Beings

The soul cannot be seen with our physical eyes.

The round golden ball of light that appeared in my room that night was the soul itself. When I returned to my body, I could no longer see it, but I was sure of the overwhelming sense of tenderness and comfort I felt from that light. It was enough to make me realize that there were invisible things that definitely existed.

Since then, I have come to believe that every human being has their true self inside of them, and that everyone is such a spiritual being, even if we cannot see it with our eyes.

No Need To Be Overly Sad About Death

Death is not really scary. It is just the soul leaving the body and returning to its original form. When you die, your existence doesn’t disappear, it just continues to live on after you leave your body.

Knowing this, there is no need to be overly sad when someone close to you dies. Even though it is painful to say goodbye, the body is gone, but the soul continues to live. I believe that we can send them off to the other side saying, “I miss you, but I will see you again in heaven.”

The anxiety and worry of death is a big part of our lives. But the truth is that it is not scary, on the contrary, it is a joyous time when we regain our true spiritual form.