Sea Monster Leviathan and Land Monster Behemoth


Sea Monster Leviathan and Land Monster Behemoth

In the Old Testament, there is a description of the monsters Leviathan and Behemoth. Leviathan is said to be a sea monster and Behemoth a land monster.

Both are huge monsters, with the Leviathan often depicted as a giant fish or reptile, and the Behemoth as an elephant, hippopotamus, or rhinoceros.

What exactly are these giant monsters? They are not referring to actual animals, but spiritual monsters.

They are depicted symbolically as animals, but they are spiritual monsters that appear when people on the ground are filled with evil thoughts.

The sea monsters will cause tsunamis and various other natural disasters. And the land monsters cause various diseases and famines.

The root cause of these disasters is our evil thoughts, such as ego, anger, hatred, resentment, envy, and jealousy. As the number of people emitting such evil thoughts increases, the bigger those monsters become.

In other words, at such times, natural disasters will intensify, diseases will spread, and such monsters will run rampant.

The cause of these phenomena is none other than ourselves, the people who are living on the ground right now. If we had thoughts of love and harmony instead of evil thoughts, neither the Leviathan nor the Behemoth would appear.

The COVID-19 is also a disease, which is not caused by anyone, but by our own evil thoughts.

In this sense, this is the time when the Behemoth is appearing, and we have experienced the tsunami in Japan with the Great East Japan Earthquake. Considering what is happening not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world, we can say that this is the time when Leviathan is also appearing.

That’s how much evil thoughts have swelled up in us living on the ground.
If the people on earth would make their hearts full of love and harmony, neither Leviathan nor Behemoth would appear.

The more people emit thoughts of love, the less evil thoughts there will be, and the less natural disasters and unusual weather there will be.