People Never Die

Eternal Soul

Why is it said that “people never die?”

It is because we are spiritual beings.

When we die and lose our physical body, we simply return to the world called the afterlife, retaining our memories and our own consciousness. There is no limit to our life.

We are born into this world from the other world by inhabiting a material body. When our physical life is over, we shed it and return to our original spiritual world.

Even if the physical body is cremated and reduced to ashes at a funeral, it does not mean that our existence returns to nothing.

Funerals are also a way for the deceased person to realize that he or she has died. When a dead person sees his or her own funeral, he or she often becomes aware that “Oh, I am really dead.”

Normally, when we are alive in this world, we tend to believe that our physical body is all there is, and that everything ends when we die.

However, this is not actually the case. Humans are spiritual beings. The physical body is like the clothes we wear while living in this world. When we die, we simply take them off and return to the other world.

Also, some people may think that consciousness is created by the brain, but this is not true. The physical brain is like a command center for the body. It is the one that plays the role of running the body and its various organs through nerves while processing various perceptual information.

The brain does not create consciousness, but the soul that resides in the body is consciousness itself, which is us.

It may be hard to believe, but when people who have died return to the afterlife, they live a normal life as souls. When they die, it becomes a normal part of their lives.