You Reap What You Sow

How to Live a Happy Life

Freedom Of Thought And Action

We are free to have whatever thoughts we want in our minds and to do whatever we actually do. No matter what we think, no one can interfere with or violate what is in our hearts. It’s not just what we think, but what we do as well. No matter what you do, even if there are various constraints, you have the right to choose whether to do it or not, and no one can violate that.

We Have To Accept The Consequences Of Our Thoughts And Actions

However, we have to take on the consequences of our thoughts and actions, whether they are good or bad.

For example, you may harass someone you don’t like, say bad things about them, or spread false rumors around. What would happen then? That person will be unhappy, right? His or her heart will be hurt, people will look at him or her in a misunderstood way, and his or her reputation will suffer.

The person who harassed the other person will feel good and exhilarated for a while, and may feel as if he or she has gained happiness by making the other person unhappy.

The Law Of What You Do Comes Back To You

However, there is a law of the Universe that says, “What you do will come back to you.” It means you reap what you sow. It’s really simple and straightforward, but there are no exceptions to this law. In other words, if you have made someone unhappy, you will eventually be unhappy yourself.

It’s just like the boomerang that comes back to you after you throw it. The boomerang that you throw at someone will result in you being happy or unhappy. It’s all in your own hands. If you throw a boomerang that makes others happy, that happiness will come back to you. However, if you throw a boomerang that makes others unhappy, that unhappiness will come back to you.

The starting point is all you.

Thoughts And Actions That Make Others Unhappy Will Eventually Destroy Your Own Happiness

For example, if you speak ill of someone, you will be spoken ill of in the same way. You will be misunderstood and have strange rumors spread about you. Then, your heart will be hurt and you will be unhappy. The dark thoughts and actions that make people unhappy will eventually destroy your own happiness.

Do you want to be unhappy?

I don’t think anyone wants to be unhappy. Everyone wants to be happy, don’t they?

If you want to be happy, you should check whether your thoughts and actions are making people happy, not making them unhappy. If they are making someone unhappy, correct them and change them.

Our Thoughts And Actions Are Not Cancelled Out By Death

Sometimes the results of our thoughts and actions are not returned to us in this life. However, this does not mean that they will be cancelled out by death.

If you only think about yourself and live in a way that makes others unhappy, you will suffer in the afterlife as a result. On the contrary, those who live with altruistic thoughts for the sake of others will receive more blessings from God, and great happiness will be returned to them in the afterlife.

And, based on this life, the task for the next birth will also be determined. The results of our thoughts and actions in this life will lead to the next life. In this way, life goes on forever.

Knowing this fact, we should continue to sow seeds of happiness, not seeds of unhappiness. Have a cheerful mind and keep doing good thoughts and actions for the happiness of others.

Isn’t that the way to become truly happy?