Infinite Time, Eternal Soul

Eternal Soul

People tend to think that the time of their life is limited, but in truth, the time we have is infinite, and we are living in eternity.

The material world that we can see and touch is not all there is. There is the invisible soul, and the soul itself is us. We are spiritual beings who are reincarnated over and over again from the other world to this world, have a physical body, and learn over and over again.

Not only human beings, but also flowers, plants, and animals have souls, and mountains have their own spirits, oceans have their own spirits, and winds have their own spirits. The nature spirits live on this planet as spiritual beings, fulfilling their respective roles, even though we cannot see them.

When we are born into this world, we have a physical body for a short time, and that time may be limited. However, as spiritual beings, we do not die, but have life throughout.

This world is also called the material world or the phenomenal world, but the other world is called the real world. The other world, which is invisible to the eye, is the original world and the real world for human beings.