Types of Hell

This World and Spiritual World

What are the different types of hell?

In the afterlife world, there are various types of what is called hell. Here I would like to touch on some of the most common ones.

Asura Hell

Asura Hell, in a nutshell, is a world of destruction and struggle. There, people kill each other, beat each other up, take money from each other, and hurt each other. In other words, it is a world like a gang. There is never a moment when one’s mind is at rest. They live in constant fear that someone will target them, harm them, hurt them, or kill them. (Of course, they never die.)

Mortar Hell

This is easy to understand if you imagine something like an ant hell. There, people are trying to climb up from the bottom, but when the person in front of them tries to climb up, the person behind them pulls their legs to make them fall. People who are constantly pulling others’ legs may go to this hell after they die.

In a word, it’s an egoist’s world. Everyone tries to get up even by stepping on others, but in the end no one gets up, and they are doing that forever. If they knew how to cooperate with each other, they could climb out of the mortar, but they don’t realize it.

Blood Pond Hell

This may also be easy to imagine. As the name suggests, it is like a big pond made of human blood. Human blood is not smooth like water, it is rather sticky and gooey. It is like drinking up such blood while almost drowning. This hell is a place where people suffer from lust while they are alive and are driven by the sexual desires of their bodies.

Beast Hell

Here is a person who had done some vicious things during his or her life, and now has a body like an animal. Instead of a human form, they look like a lion, a snake, or a fox, for example. Because they had the mind of an animal, they are actually transformed into the form of an animal.

Incessant Hell

Incessant Hell is the lowest level of the hell realm, where no light shines. It is the hell to which people who have misled and driven people crazy on the ground go.

For example, it is said that wrong religious leaders and political leaders have fallen, especially religious people. It is a very big sin to make people’s minds go crazy with wrong teachings, and they will suffer alone in the deep darkness. It is not something that can be done with only one’s own remorse, and the sin will not disappear until the hearts of those who were led astray and made mad are cleared.

There is both heaven and hell in the hearts of the living

As you can see, there are various kinds of hell, but this is not just a story of what happens after you die. In fact, if you live with such a mind when you are alive in this world, you can say that hell is unfolding right there.

In other words, heaven and hell are both in the mind. Even if you have a physical body, if your mind is full of thoughts that lead to hell, the world that appears to you is exactly the same as hell. If you cannot change your mind and go on without changing your mind, you will go straight to hell even after you die.

In order to avoid such a situation, it is very important to know how to live with a loving heart. People who live their lives with a loving heart will never go to hell.

A loving heart is one that is kind to others and forgives others. A heart that keeps others alive and shares happiness with them. If you can live with such a heart, helping and cooperating with others, you will never go to hell.