The Truth Of The Mu Civilization


When And Where Was The Mu Civilization Arose?

Once, there was a continent in the vicinity of what is now Indonesia. This continent was about twice the size of today’s Australia, and it was called the Mu Continent, and the Mu Civilization arose from this continent.

The themes that human beings learn in each civilization are determined by the spirits of the ninth dimension. The ninth dimensional spirits are those who have evolved to the highest level as personality spirits. There are ten ninth dimensional spirits on the Earth and they guide the people living on the Earth.

The Mu Civilization was about “Gosei” and the ninth dimensional spirits, El-Ranty and Buddha, were in charge.

The word “Gosei” may not be easy to hear. In a nutshell, it is the sense of integrating intellect, reason, and sensitivity to perceive spiritually. It can also be called spiritual intuition, the ability to grasp the essence of something instantaneously, without reasoning, etc. The purpose of the Mu civilization was to learn this sense of Gosei.

The Queen (Amaterasu), Born In The Early Of Mu, Created The Direction Of Civilization

The one who first created the direction of the Mu Civilization was born as a queen in the early days of Mu. She is now known as Amaterasu Oomikami.

She was born as the queen of the Mu Civilization of that time and preached the Sun belief that God is light and is like the Sun. She taught that it was important to become one with God in the Mother Nature.

Escalent (Zoroaster) Was Born About 20,000 Years Ago

Then, about 20,000 years ago, one of the ninth dimensional spirits, Zoroaster, was born on the ground. The name at that time was Escalent. The word “Excellent” in today’s English is derived from the word Escalent at that time.

Zoroaster taught that the energy of the Sun is sacred. Using pyramid power, which was also used by the Lemuria civilization at the time, the energy of sunlight was amplified and harnessed as energy. The pyramids were used to send energy from each city to each town, and from each town to each home. Today, we use electric poles and wires to send electricity and other forms of energy, but in those days, pyramids were used.

Also, some of the pyramids at that time had flat tops, which were used for alien spacecraft to land on. As was the case with the Lemuria civilization, the aliens were coming to Earth.
When the aliens landed on the pyramids, they seemed to communicate telepathically with the people of Mu there.

Buddha, Who Was Also In Charge Of Civilization, Was Born As La Mu

Some time after Zoroaster’s death, the next ninth dimensional spirit was born on the ground. Buddha, who was also in charge of civilization, was born on ground as a king, under the name of La Mu.

The Buddha also followed in the footsteps of Amaterasu and Zoroaster and taught people that God is like the Sun, and that they should live in love and compassion like the Sun and awaken to spirituality. Incidentally, La Mu’s wife at this time was called La Mentas, who was later born in Greece under the name Hera.

After the death of La Mu, it was the reign of La Mentas, and from that time onwards, the people began to spend their time in warfare.

The last of the Mu Civilization was a major reaction to the people’s use of the power of Mother Nature in the opposite direction of God and for their own desire to rule, and the continent of Mu sank in three stages, bringing the civilization to an end.

The Mu Civilization Taught And Guided People Around The Theme Of Gosei And The Sun Belief

The Mu Civilization was a civilization that flourished on the continent of Mu, where it once existed.

It was a civilization that taught and guided people around the theme of Gosei and the Sun belief that God is like the Sun.

Many of you reading this may have been born into the Mu Civilization of that time. We have been reborn many times through various civilizations, learning from those times.

What we have learned in those times is accumulated as soul learning and is not going to disappear. We may not be able to remember them now, but they will always remain as treasures for our souls deep inside.

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