The children of God with eternal life

Eternal Soul

Humans are not all about the body

When we are alive, we may tend to think that the body is everything.

We touch things with our hands, see things with our eyes, and hear sounds and voices with our ears, and their presence is felt through our bodies.

Therefore, I think there are times when it feels like the physical body is the center of you.

When that happens, some people will be afraid of losing their physical body, and others may say they can’t believe in anything other than their physical body.

However, the human body is not all there is to it. There is such a thing as a soul that does not die when the body is gone.

The soul lives on forever

The soul will live on forever.
The body will be burned and returned to the soil at the end of its lifespan, but the soul is eternal and it is a consciousness that will never die.

So, the truth is that dying is not the least bit scary. This ground is not all there is, and death is not the end, but only the return to the other world, the invisible world.

We humans are the ones who are reincarnated again and again in each era and in each environment.

In that reincarnation, we are living through a variety of experiences and learning a lot. We may make many mistakes there, but that is why we are human.

God never blames them for their mistakes. God loves human beings, including their flaws. The love of God is so great that it is we, the children of God, who are kept alive by that love.

Awareness of the soul changes many views of life

Flesh and matter are not all there is. There is indeed a spiritual thing called the soul, and that is what is truly important.

Being able to be firmly aware of such things will change a lot of your outlook on life.

You’ll know that you don’t have to say you don’t want to die and hold on to your body so long, and the fear of death that so many people feel will be gone.

Your soul is your true self

This time, I talked about the soul that has eternal life.

Again, humans are not all about the flesh.

The soul is our true selves and is what will live on forever.