Discovering the Eternal Soul

Eternal Soul

Souls are given eternal life

Does everything come to an end when we die?

Some people may think that we lose our memories and disappear into the darkness, but this is not the truth.

Human beings are not that fragile, and life continues even after death.

What is death? 

It is a departure to the other world and a farewell to this world. It means to return from this world where we have lived for seventy or eighty years to the other world where we do not have a body. This is what death is all about, and it does not mean that our existence will disappear.

The body is like a piece of clothing, and the soul resides within it

This world is a material world. We are born in a physical body, and that which resides in the body is the essence of who we are. That invisible energy body is called the soul. A part of the soul resides in the body, and we are born to have various experiences in this world.

The human body is like a piece of clothing. As we live for decades after our birth, our body ages and becomes old. There is something that moves the body, which is called the soul, and it controls the body by going right, going straight, and sometimes thinking.

When our life span comes to an end, our soul will leave the body and return to the other world like taking off old clothes. Even if the body is burned away, there is something that does not disappear in human beings, and that is the soul. It never disappears.

The question is whether or not there is such a thing as a soul. Many people have debated about it, and many people may still not believe in it.

The reason why they cannot believe in it is because they cannot see it and have no way to confirm its existence. In other words, we can’t be sure. Even if you say there is a soul, there is no way to be sure. Then there are more and more people who believe that this body is everything and that the body is themselves.

People who are shocked to find themselves alive after they die

But what happens to these people after they die? They are shocked to find themselves still alive after death. Or perhaps it would be better to say that they do not realize that they are dead.

For example, let’s say a person is lying in a hospital bed and dies. He thinks there is no soul, no afterlife, but when he looks next to him, he sees his family crying by his bed.

When he says, “Hey,” none of his family members respond. He thinks it’s strange, but when he tries to touch them, he can’t. T The family is crying because they are sad about their father’s death, and the father says, “What are you crying about? Why are you crying so much? I’m right here,” but everyone ignores him, so he becomes increasingly angry and frustrated.

Then the doctor says, “He’s dead,” and he says, “Hey, wait a minute. I’m alive and well,” but no one can hear him.

This is just one example, but when you die, you become a resident of another world. When you die, your soul leaves your body. When you do so, you can see, hear, and have memories, only you will not be able to touch the things of this world.

After death, your guardian spirit will come to you

As this happens, he begins to wake up spiritually. He starts to realize that it is difficult for him to continue living in the world where he used to live.

For a while, some people try to live with their family members who are still alive or stay in this world and do various things, but when they become aware of their spiritual existence, their guardian spirits come to them with their family members who have already died.

He receives guidance from his guardian spirit about the afterlife, and together they go to a place in the fourth dimension. There, he is shown his life story on a screen, along with his family and friends, in order to look back on this life. At this time, he may be too embarrassed to look up because all the hidden things that he thought only he knew will be shown.

However, in general, such things may not be done to a person who is advanced in spiritual awareness. In any case, we then go through a period of reflection and decide for ourselves where we want to go. Some people go back to the original world they were in before they were born, while others go to hell to do their reflection.

Depending on your lifetime score, your destination will change

We can say that our life in this world will have a certain score. The score of this lifetime can be 90, 80, or 60 points. Depending on your score, the world you go to in the afterlife will change.

Then, after a period of study in the afterlife, we are born again on the ground. The place of birth, the parents, the time period, and various other environments are changed, and we are reborn again as human beings.

In principle, humans are reborn as humans. However, it is said that there are rare exceptions in which we can be reborn as something other than a human being, but basically, we are reborn as a human being again and live our whole lives.

Some people may try to live their lives selfishly and according to their desires while they are still alive, thinking that death is the end of life. However, the truth is not so. It is the true nature of human beings to be repeatedly reincarnated and to grow and evolve our souls through various experiences.