The Creation of the Universe


The creation of the universe is the embodiment of God’s love

How did the universe come to be created?

If you look around the universe, there are all kinds of planets and galaxies, and they didn’t come from nothing.

Space may seem empty, but it is filled with the energy of God’s love, which contains the nourishment and potential to create all things. Space has all the materials that give rise to planets, galaxies, etc.

However, these materials did not just happen to fit together to form planets and galaxies, but were created by God.

A single energy magnetic field is created by “thought” as a starting point

The starting point for creation is the ” thought” of wanting something like this to exist in space.

That thought becomes a vision, and a single energy magnetic field is created. Then all the materials in this universe would be concentrated in that one magnetic field, attracted, and objectified into a three-dimensional world.

In other words, God’s creation principle means that thoughts are gathered into a single point, and the thoughts of love and the substance of love around them, which are drawn by those thoughts, are gathered and embodied.

That’s how creation is done. This universe has been created by that unceasing chain of creation. That’s where God’s love flows. The chain of creation can also be said to be the chain of God’s love.

All things are an expression of God’s love

Everything has been created and given life, not only in the third dimension, but also in each dimension of the spirit world after the fourth dimension.

God’s love is present in its manifestation and in the thoughts and deeds that attempted to manifest it. Everything is an expression form of God’s love and is a part of Him.

The planets and galaxies, as well as us humans, animals, plants and minerals, are equally part of God and are forms of expression of his love.