Remove Ego, Throw Away Ego

Children of God

What is it that people can’t get rid of?
It is the ego.
It may be normal for us to live with an ego that we want to do this or that for our own good. In other words, we live our lives from our own perspective. It’s hard to get rid of that ego.

However, the original way of being a child of God is not from our own perspective of what we think or want to do, but from what God thinks and desires. It is a way of life from God’s point of view, where we can sense where God’s thoughts are and make God’s thoughts our own.

There is no more ego. When we live as a part of God, as His hands and feet, there is no ego, there is only selflessness and the desire to be of service to God.

God is the energy of love that created the Universe, and He is keeping alive and nurturing all of His children in the Universe. He has no desire to do anything for Himself or to benefit Himself in any way.

He does not ask for anything in return, but only loves us, His children, and wants them to love each other.

God does not force us to do anything or to do anything against our own free will. He is pleased with the free expression of love by His children and surrounds the universe with His generous love.

When you realize this generosity of love, your small ego will be blown away and you will want to do everything you can to contribute to the whole Universe as a part of God. Then the ego comes out and the desire to just live for God comes in.