What Is “Oneness”?

God is the Energy of Love

What is “Oneness”? It means that all beings are connected as one. Not only humans, but also animals, plants, and all other living beings, regardless of species, are connected. It is not only the Earth, but also the Sun and the Moon. The other stars in the Universe, any planets, galaxies, and the aliens living on those stars are all connected as one. It means that all beings in this universe are part of one big consciousness.

What is the greater consciousness is the God of the Universe itself. No matter what form of expression it takes, all living things are connected as the body of God, as the consciousness of God. Part and parcel of the one great consciousness of God expresses love in various forms, and they are connected by love.

As a part of God, everything exists as a manifestation of God. It is the same whether it is a small insect, a small flower blooming on the side of the road, or even us humans. It does not matter if we are of different races or nationalities. It doesn’t matter if we are earthlings or aliens, we are all the same.

Fundamentally, all beings are the same, only the way they manifest is different. All beings are part of God and are His children.