The Awakening as Children of God

Children of God

The awakening as children of God

What do you think when someone says to you, “All humans are children of God?”

People are children of God, without exception. However, not many people can accept “Yes, that’s right” when they are told “You are also a child of God”. In fact, most of them may not even believe that.

That was the case for me myself. When I first heard the term “children of God”, it didn’t ring true at all and, to be honest, I didn’t really understand it. “What is the children of God?” I wondered about it.

One time, however, I thought that people were God’s children. At that time, I was volunteering at an orphanage, doing storytelling and singing songs, but I often disagreed with one of the members of the group I was going with.

The member of the group was a very sincere type of person, a single-minded person who would never bend what he had decided once. I was getting more and more frustrated, wondering why there was such a difference in the way of thinking and personalities, and when I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I suddenly realized that he was also a child of God. I thought that the person in front of me was also a manifestation of God, and that the energy of love that God shared with was also flowing in this person, and that God was manifesting in this person.

I don’t know why I thought that.But when I suddenly thought that, the differences in personalities seemed wonderful, and there was no longer any conflict. I began to think that if the person is single-minded, then I can do my part by doing something that he can’t do, by tempering the mood that tends to be raw and serious.

And since then, the world I’ve seen has changed drastically, and everyone I meet and everyone I interact with has that energy of love inside of them, and it may really be a small part of this universe, but it’s a part of God manifesting itself. To be a child of God is to be a part of God.

Knowing that I am a child of God was the first thing that led me to think that way. If I hadn’t had that opportunity, I don’t think I would be thinking this way now.

Once you realize that we are children of God, everything unravels. Human beings are the energy body of love with eternal life, and we live our lives in our bodies on this ground and then return to the other world. Such a thing becomes clearer and clearer.