The Truth About the Gods of Religion


The god or savior of religion is the great leaders of the Earth

In the past, various religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, which are said to be the three major religions, have emerged on the Earth.

People may have worshipped the founders in each religion as gods and called them saviors.

But those who have been so called God or saviors are not the God of the roots of the universe, but the great leaders of the Earth.

Neither Jesus Christ, nor Moses, nor Mohammad, nor Buddha, preached the teachings of God through their personalities in order to instruct the people of the Earth.

It’s time for Earth to take the next step

Now, the Earth is taking the next step in its cosmic journey.

On each of the planets in the universe, for example, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and university are places of training.

What stage do you think our current Earth is in?

It’s said that it’s the elementary school stage, and we’re at a point in time where we’re trying to step up from there to the middle school stage.

The God of the roots of the universe is the energy of love, the providence of love

The root God who created this great universe is the energy of love itself.

The aliens living in a more advanced cosmic civilization already know that they are being kept alive by a radical law of love. And they know that their own planet is also living under the guidance of the great leaders.

Highly developed aliens are going around the stars in spaceships to help other planets evolve and develop. In the perception of such people, there is no more fighting and waging war over differences in borders and religion.

Because they already understand that the God of the root is the loving providence and law of the universe. The teachings of the God of that universe are taught and instructed by each leader as the teachings of God to the people. It is in that recognition that the people are united as one as the children of God who live on that planet.

The leaders of each religion on Earth also reveal that they are not the original root God, but that each is a god with a personality. And it is in this age that we are being guided and encouraged to be aware so that we can be part of a cosmic civilization.

The cosmic world is connected to other planets and galaxies

In the spiritual world, the ninth dimension of the Messiah from the upper eighth dimension is referred to as the “cosmic world”.

From there, they are connected to other stars and other galaxies, which is why they are called the cosmic world, and they keep in touch between the stars and work to take in migrants from other stars and send out people who have finished their training on Earth.

In this way, there is a plan for the evolution and development of the soul in the cosmic world.

Some people are graduating from Earth in the future

And it is said that some people will graduate from Earth and move to another planet in the future. They would gather as a spiritual group of souls and emigrate in large numbers.

This is not limited to this time, but there have been people who have migrated to other planets within a certain period of time throughout the history of the Earth.

They are, in a sense, planet-by-planet reincarnation cycles, so to speak. When we’re done learning on one planet, we move on to another planet.

As such, the planet exists as a spiritual magnetic field for the purpose of the evolutionary development of the souls of God’s children.