The End Of An Era When The Earth Was One Closed Planet


The End Of An Era When The Earth Was One Closed Planet

Until now, we have, in a sense, lived only within the confines of the planet Earth. We have lived our lives based on the perception of what country we are from and where we live on the Earth, but those days are coming to an end.

What kind of recognition will we have in the future? What kind of recognition is needed? It is the recognition of “the Earth in the Universe” and “Earthlings in the Universe. To put it another way, we are going to change our recognition from “people of that country” to “people of that planet”.

In fact, there are various stars in the Universe that are much more advanced than Earth, and there are many people who are cooperating with each other, growing with each other, and living for the evolution of the entire Universe.

In this context, the time has now come for the Earth to join the group of such stars.

The Awareness Of Being A Child Of The God Of The Universe Opens Its Star To The Universe

In order for this to happen, we need to first recognize that all people living on the earth are family, and that we are all brothers and sisters of the same God, even though we come from different countries, religions, and cultures, and we have to be able to love each other and hold hands with each other.

The fact that we are not able to come to the realization that we are one family living on the same planet, and that we are at war with each other, killing and injuring each other, has been considered by other evolved stars in the Universe as still immature and in a barbaric stage of recognition.

Certainly, from the perspective of the aliens, if we were to come into the Universe with such a recognition, the peace and order in the Universe would be disrupted, and they would be troubled.

Therefore, many civilizations have risen and fallen on the Earth, and people’s lives and livelihoods have been completed only on this planet. However, if we realize that we are the children of God of the Universe, that we are the expression of love itself, and that we have been nurtured and kept alive as part of the overwhelming energy of love that fills the Universe, then by becoming aware of this and joining hands as people of Earth, and becoming a planet where we can express unconditional love to each other, we will be able to open up the star to the Universe.

It will not only be possible for us to live within one star, but also for aliens from other stars to show up and interact with us. It also means that we ourselves will be able to leave our own planet and make ourselves useful for the happiness of the children of God on other stars.

Just as there is one Sun shining on the Earth, and all people living on the Earth are kept alive under that one Sun, from a broader perspective, there is one God of the Universe, and all people living on every planet are children of the same God, created by the same God and kept alive by the same God.

In such an awareness, such a time will eventually come when we can communicate telepathically with aliens on other stars, even if we do not believe in such a time now.

Anything That Cannot Resonate With The Vibration Of Love Cannot Exist In The Universe

If we do not have a minimum awareness of these laws, rules, and regulations, and do anything that deviates from them, we cannot exist as a planet that is open to the Universe.

That is not to say that there is some complicated law. It is simply a question of whether you can live in accordance with the vibration of love of the Universe. It is not about being alone, but about being in tune with the vibration of love of the Universe and expressing our own love as a planet and as a human being of the Earth.

If we fail to resonate with the vibration of love, if we are far away from it, we will not be able to exist in the universe, as the law of like attracts like, and we will perish by ourselves.

The Universe is filled with overwhelming love, and if we fail to harmonize with it and emit vibrations contrary to it, the reaction will come back to us, and we ourselves will receive the results of such a reaction, which will lead us down the path of destruction.

Such things are recognized as common sense by the evolved stars of the Universe.

Our Friends In Space Watching Over The Earth Over The Long Ages

Our cosmic friends have been watching over our planet for a long time, providing various kinds of support in the shadows and in ways that go unnoticed by us, in the hope that our planet Earth, where we live, will be at such a stage of opening to the Universe.

The evolved stars of the Universe have formed a network and cooperate with each other. It is called the “Space Union,” which is like the United Nations of the Universe. Representatives and officials from each star discuss, coordinate, and exchange opinions, and contribute to the evolution of the entire Universe.

Our planet Earth, as a planet that can participate in this process, is at such a time of opening its consciousness to the Universe and opening its stars to the Universe.