Be Positive

How to Live a Happy Life

When everything is viewed positively, there is no room for fear or anxiety.

For example, when we take on a new challenge that we have never experienced before, it is natural to be anxious about whether it will really work out. It is common in our lives to think, “I would rather not do this than fail and be embarrassed,” and then not take action.

To see everything in a positive light means to welcome failure and shame, even when everyone else would hate it. It comes from the conviction that whether the outcome is good or bad, it will always be positive for our own soul growth.

If we know that it will surely feed the growth of our souls, there is no need to be afraid or anxious about the outcome, no matter what the outcome may be.

In fact, looking back on my own life, I have found that failures are often more profound learning experiences in the long run, even though they may be more of a shock at the time. It could be said that one learns more deeply from the experience of failure than from the experience of success.

In the eternal flow of time of the soul, which never dies, when we have the perspective that all experiences are never wasted and will surely become food for the soul beyond this life, there is no room for anxiety or fear, and all experiences are sublimated into something to be appreciated.