The Love of the Children of God Blossoms

Children of God

Law is universal in the cosmos

Last time, I spoke about the Law. Law is the universal law, the right order and reason that pervades this universe. It is also known as “divine truth”.

Law can be seen in nature, the cycle of water flowing down low, evaporating and becoming clouds, and then raining down on the ground again. That is where order is born and harmony is born.

Law is universal in the cosmos, so in a sense it is one no matter what planet you are on. It is one even across the galaxies. It is one in this universe.

Love is being spread and applied to each planet

That does not mean that while it is true for Earth, it is not true for Venus. Whether on Earth, Venus or Jupiter, the fundamental law is one.

It is the one thing in the energy of God’s love flowing through the macrocosm that is summed up in the word “love”. Love unfolds on each planet and is applied in various ways to each region, era, and culture within that planet.

Each aspect of love is studied by us, but that one aspect is not absolute; love is more flexible. It is not true love that is forced to be righteous with only one aspect.

For every child of God, love is free to blossom

It may sound contradictory, but in a sense, it can be said that there are as many laws as there are children of God, based on the underlying connection of love.

When each person feels and experiences the energy of God’s love and lives honestly with his or her own soul, the law blossoms there. There is a freedom in love, and it is not something that suppresses or crushes individuality.

And because of that freedom, it also means that responsibility arises. It is what contribution will we make as children of God in this world and in this universe?

Awareness and responsibility as a child of God

I believe that most of us, myself included, have lived in the past without knowing that we are children of God and part of God.

Therefore, as long as we have not harmed others, we may not have been held so responsible. In realizing that you are a being who has been given a share in the energy of love, love will be expressed and creation will be made.

When such a time comes to the Earth in the future, if we fail to realize this and live our lives driven by ego-selfishness, we will be returned to the planet at the stage of training that we have learned as those who have not yet reached the awareness of the children of God.

This is also according to the law of vibration sympathy, and if the Earth has advanced to the next step, then those who are not on the same vibration as that step cannot stay on the Earth. That is not a discriminatory thing, but also a fact as a law of energy.