The Fundamental Meaning Of The Existence Of This World

This World and Spiritual World

Why does this world exist?

Everyone has probably asked the question, “Why does this world exist?” at one time or another.

It was the same for me. “Why was I born into this world?” I had been living without understanding it. There was a time in my life when I did not understand why I was born into this world, and I suffered a lot.

What is the meaning of this world’s existence? The answer to this question cannot be found by thinking only about the things of this world.

The meaning of existence in this world can be found in our relationship with the spiritual world.

The world before we were born

Where were we before we were born? Without this point, we cannot understand the meaning of this world.

Before we are born into this world, we live normally in what is called the other world. The only difference is that we don’t have a physical body. We don’t need to eat or sleep as we usually do, and since we don’t have a physical body, there is nothing that we need to do to maintain it.

So how do we live in the other world? Just as there is a sun in this world, there is also a Spiritual Sun in the other world, and people in the other world receive energy from the sun. There is an endless supply of energy coming from the Spiritual Sun, and thanks to it, people in the other world are able to live.

Of course, there is food and drink in the other world as well, even if it is not like material things on the ground, and we can eat and drink it and taste it in a spiritual sense. And people live normally, talking, working, and interacting with other people. In other words, there is a life in the other world, and we are living normally.

And we are learning various things in order to grow and evolve more as souls. We look back at what went wrong the last time we were born on the ground and wonder how we could have lived better.
“Could I have been kinder and more loving to the people around me?”
“What should I do next time I am born on the ground?”
In this way, each person has his or her own challenges as a soul.

There are times when we are satisfied with the perspective of love, but there are also times when we are not satisfied. These reflections are part of what we are learning in the other side.

A world without a material body

The spirit world is a world of “thoughts” and does not have a physical body as a substance that we live in now. It can be said that what the person is thinking is expressed as it is. It is the world of mind, so to speak.

What people are doing in such a world is learning various things in order to grow and evolve their souls. It can also be described as a “training”. Since it is a training in the world of thoughts, you can always feel “I get it” or “I understand it”.

For example, in math or whatever, there are various formulas that come up in middle school classes.
The teacher explains such formulas as character expressions and factorization, and shows us how to solve them using examples and so on. After that, they decided to do it on their own and worked on their own practice problems.

However, when you listen to the teacher’s explanation, you thought you understood it, but when you actually try to do it by yourself, there are things you can’t do. “I thought I understood it, but when I actually tried it, I found out that I didn’t understand it.”

This world is a testing ground for the soul

So what I’m trying to say is that this world is a place to see if you can do what you’ve learned in the other world in your body. It’s a place to see if you can really put into practice what you’ve learned in the other world.

To put it another way, this world is a “testing ground” for what we have learned in the other world.

How can we live concretely, having been born into this world, in a sense, clothed in the limiting thing of the physical body? What kind of words and actions can be expressed? “I don’t know if I really understood what I knew in my thoughts in the other world.” You can’t pass that test unless you can actually do it in this world.

For example, when you learned that it is important not to hurt people and to be kind to people, you understood that in the other world, but when you were actually born, you ended up hurting people just like before. If that’s the case, it means you haven’t learned anything.

Therefore, in a sense, every moment of living in this world is a test. It is in this ground world called the third dimension that all the results of what we have learned will come out.

It is a very precious thing to have a body

In this sense, having a physical body is a very precious thing. It is because of the physical body that such experiences are actually possible on the ground. By having a body, we can learn things that are deeply engraved in our soul.

This world is the place where we test whether what we have learned in the other world actually applies to us, so we are reincarnated again and again to grow and evolve our souls.