What is “Dimension” part 1

This World and Spiritual World

Dimensions are the elements that make up each world

It is said that the universe is made up of many dimensions, but what is a “dimension” anyway?

Dimensions are the elements that make up the world.

One dimension is a “point”. Points are connected together to form a line. It is a world where the length of the line is the standard.

So what is the two dimensions? That’s simply put: length and width.

What is created by the vertical and horizontal is the area. It is two dimensions that represent a single surface.

The third dimension is the world we live in

The three dimensions are the world we live in now. It is a world of height added to length and width.

When you want volume, it is calculated as “length x width x height”. That’s space. That’s where space is created.

Time is added to the fourth dimension

When you get to the fourth dimension, “time” is added as an element to the vertical, horizontal and height of the third dimension.

In the third dimension, you cannot make contact with people who live in another time period. In the fourth dimension, however, people living in different times can interact with each other. We can meet face to face and chat with each other.

For example, someone who lived in the 1600s and someone who lived in the 1900s can be in the same world at the same time.

Those two people can communicate, they can greet each other, and they can hold hands.

In the third-dimensional sense, the person in front of you is in the 4th of July 2020, sharing the same time, but in the fourth dimension, that’s not always the case.

This is a world where the time on your watch and the other person’s watch are not the same.

I will continue with the next article on the fifth dimension and beyond.