The Fundamental Motherhood Power Given To Women

Yin and Yang

The Fundamental Motherhood Given to Women

Motherhood is a maternal quality that women are supposed to possess.

It is an instinctive trait that a mother has to protect and nurture her own children, and may be said to be a power that women possess.

However, motherhood is not something that is exerted only toward one’s children.

It is a very fundamental power that is exercised over all living things. It is the power to receive and nurture everything that lives in the world.

As Mother Earth Receives All Seeds

When we think about what motherhood is like, it may be easier to visualize it by considering the ground.

As it is also called “Mother Earth,” the earth receives all things. For example, if there is a seed of a flower, the seed falls to the ground. At that time, the ground would not turn away saying, “I don’t like this seed,” right?

At that time, the ground never discriminates or chooses one seed over another by saying, “This seed is good, but I don’t like that one.”

The Earth accepts all seeds in their entirety, regardless of their shape or color. I believe that this is what motherhood is all about.

Support And Nurture Life Without Asking For Anything In Return

There is a warm embrace and nurturing of the seed that falls to the ground. It is not as if the earth is forcing the seed to order it to sprout, is it?

It is the ground that supports and nurtures the seed so that it can sprout with the nutrients provided by the Earth, without asking for anything in return, and so that the seed can express its true nature as a seed.

This is where motherhood is expressed.

As those buds grow and blossom, the ground has no such thoughts as, “If they were going to be such flowers, I shouldn’t have raised them.”

When we raise a child, are we like the Earth? Children are like flower seeds. Within them is the power to bloom, which is unique to that child.

If we simply impose our hopes and feelings as mothers on the child, the child will not be able to blossom in its own right and will be ruined by rotting roots.

Motherhood Is Not Only For Children, But Also For Husbands

The power to receive and nurture all things is motherhood. It is a power that is fundamentally given to women in particular.

Motherhood is not only for one’s children. It is also for husbands.

It is also motherhood to receive, support, and help the husband to fulfill his own wonderful potential.

Some women may ask, “What should I actually do?” One way to do this, for example, might be to treat your husband with affirmation rather than negativity.

Do you immediately respond to your husband’s words with “No,” “But,” or other words of negativity? It is understandable to feel this way, but accepting does not mean denying, but affirming.

The power of motherhood is to accept the other person as he or she is. By doing so, the other person naturally regains his or her better nature.

First Of All, Accept Them With Smiling

This does not mean that you should accept what they say or accept their unreasonable demands.

Just as the ground accepts the seed of a flower, so too can children and husbands be saved by simply accepting him or her and saying with a smile, “Yes, that’s right.”

It is especially difficult for men to be receptive to one another. Men are not nearly as receptive as women. They are the ones who fight each other with their opinions in society and in the company.

Of course, there are some women who do, but the power given to men and the power given to women are fundamentally different in nature.

The Great Expansion Of Motherhood

Motherhood is not limited to one’s children or husband, because motherhood is the power to receive and nurture all things.

It is not limited to one’s own children and husband, but if its scope is further extended, it will also be extended to the community. From the local community to the nation and to the planet Earth itself, motherhood becomes a consciousness of being the mother of all that lives and breathes on the Earth.

It is a love that warmly embraces and nurtures all of these things. Of course, it is not something that is confined to the planet Earth, but rather, it is something that receives and nurtures all beings in the macrocosm.

Motherhood is the fundamental power given to women in the macrocosm.