One Being Divided Into Several

This World and Spiritual World

“There are three people of one.”

When I was in my early twenties, I often thought about this. “There are three people of one.” In fact, when I was a student, I could never get people around me to understand what I was saying. I don’t know why I started to feel this way, but it’s something I’ve always felt. I think it’s probably a spiritual feeling now.

Normally, one person is one person, right? It is impossible for there to be more than one person at the same time, but in the spiritual world, this is totally possible.

One Being Can Split Into Multiple Existences At The Same Time

We cannot separate and divide our material bodies, but as spiritual beings we can divide and exist in any number of ways. It is possible for one being to differentiate into two or three with the same consciousness, and for the three differentiated beings to merge into one again. It is not limited to three, but can be divided into dozens, hundreds, or thousands. And even if they are divided in this way, they are still connected as one consciousness.

It’s hard to feel that way when we are living on this ground. However, when we die and leave our physical bodies and return to our original spiritual form, I think we will be able to feel it more.

I think this is one of the essences of spirit. In other words, one being can be divided into multiple beings at the same time and can exist in multiple places. It means that a being can divide and unite at will, and even in such a state, its own consciousness is not divided, but is united.

The Thousand-Handed Statue Represents A Spiritual Form

One example is the thousand-armed kannon statue. It is a statue of Buddha with many hands. I think that image represents the spiritual form of the being.

Normally, physical human beings have two hands, so it is impossible for them to have dozens or hundreds of hands. But when seen as a spiritual figure, it is possible. The hands symbolize doing work. The meaning of one person doing the work of dozens or hundreds of others is represented in the thousand-armed kannon statue.

Spiritually speaking, it is the sense that each of those hands can be separated from the others and work while being present at the same time, regardless of place or time.

Separate Consciousness In The Physical Body

You may think that such a thing is not possible with a physical body. However, this may not be true. It is true that we only have one physical body, so it may be difficult for us to use it to do multiple jobs at the same time, or to manifest another self in another place at the same time.

However, “consciousness” can be divided as much as you want; if you divide your consciousness into three parts, such as yourself doing task A, yourself doing task B, and yourself doing task C, and if you have a consciousness that unites them, it may be close to the feeling of having multiple selves at the same time.

However, even so, we cannot exist in more than one place at the same time, so I think there is a limit to what we can do. In any case, we are spiritual beings by nature. There is no doubt that we have more free power than we think.

Multiple Personalities And Schizophrenia Are Spiritual Possession Phenomena

Incidentally, multiple personalities and schizophrenia are completely different from this. They are phenomena that occur when multiple spirits possess a person, rather than one person being divided into multiple people.

When a person’s personality seems to change from one person to another, it is because several different spirits are possessing that person. It does not mean that the person is divided into multiple persons. The personalities of these spirits are different, of course, so when they appear on a person, it seems as if he or she is changing into several different people with different personalities. The fact is that several different possessing spirits appear through the body of a person in different ways.


I’ve always had the feeling that there are three people in one person, and it comes from a spiritual sense. It is spiritually possible for one being to be divided into several at the same time, or to be united into one.

There is another way of thinking about “one person is three people,” but that’s a topic for another time.